Volume 3 Issue 1

S.No. Paper Title Page No.
A Quantum Multilayer Self Organizing Neural Network For Binary Object Extraction From A Noisy Perspective
Authors: Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Pankaj Pal and Sandip Bhowmick
Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm Using Max-Heap Tree Based Structured Cluster For MANET
Authors:Madhvi Saxena, K.J. Mathaim, M.A. Rizvi, Neelam Phate
14-23 Download
3. Design and Development of A Simulation Frame Work For WSN Based Moisture Deficit Monitoring And Control In Irrigated Agriculture
Authors:Kamlendu Pandey and S.V. Patel
24-32 Download
4. Optimal Dispatch of Energy/Reserve in Restructured Electricity Market with Demand Variations
Authors:Aayush Shrivastava, Akanksha Bhatt, Manjaree Pandit, Hari Mohan Dubey
33-41 Download
Precision Irrigation Control And Dynamic Regulation of Inter-Chak Water Delivery Channels Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:Kamlendu Kumar Pandey, Dr. S.V. Patel
42-48 Download
ANN Modeling of Microstrip Hairpin-Line Bandpass Filter
Authors:Vivek Singh Kushwah, Abhineet Singh Tomar
49-55 Download
A Survey of Human Gait Recognition for Model Free Approach
Authors:Suvarna Shirke-Pansambal
57-62 Download
Enhanced and more secure AODV routing protocol to avoid black hole attack in MANET
Authors:Vijay Chhari, Rajesh Singh, S.S. Dhakad
63-70 Download