Volume 11 Issue 2

S.No. Paper Title Page No.
1. A case study on the design and analysis of the prefabricated structure.
Authors : Daniel Swami, Samuel Prakash Swami, Rajnish kumar,Nirmal kumar,Ravi Ranjan,Raushan kumar,Aryan kumar
2. A case study on the data collection of various types of steel connections used in Industry.
Authors : Daniel Swami, Samuel Prakash Swami, Faiz Ahmad faiz,Prakash kumar,Ritesh kumar,Radheshyam kumar,Sonu kumar
3. A detailed study on the analysis of estimation and costing of the construction of slab culvert
Authors :
Sujin P, Satyanarayan Gupta, Ankit Kumar, Prashant Singh, Gautam Kumar, Ravi Pandey
4. An experimental investigation on the structural slab model using Pervious concrete
Authors :
Daniel Swami, Samuel Prakash Swami, Aryan Kumar,Nirmal Kumar,Rajnish Kumar Singh,Raushan Kumar,Ravi Ranjan
5. A case study on the Micro irrigation in a locality
Authors :
Daniel Swami, Samuel Prakash Swami, Jayranjan kumar,Rudal Kumar,Yuvraj Singh,Manish Kumar,Balwant Kumar
6. An analytical study on RCC and Steel structure using AutoCAD 2020
Authors :
Rajat Kumar, Daniel Swami, Aditya Raj,Abhishek Raj,Aman Kumar,Sumanth Kumar
7. Beyond Speech Recognition: Unveiling the capabilities of Voice Assistants
Authors :
Kumar S, Ranjit Choudhary, Arpan Kumar Gupta, Prince Kumar, Amar Deep Kumar,
8. Exploring Static Website Development A Fundamental Analysis of Design and Functionality
Authors :
Priyanka Kumari, Meena Kumari, Arfa Azmat, Anshu Kumari
9. Meteorological Insights An In-depth Examination of Weather Information Systems
Authors :
Mr. T.James, Ranjit Choudhary, Jai Shree, Amit Kumar, Mohan Kumar, Abhishek Kumar

Volume 11